All About CTR

CTR is a leader in manufacturing prefabricated components and assemblies for the cooling tower and water treatment industries. CTR is also a leading distributor of fiberglass structural shapes and grating, serving a vast array of industries, including power generation, petrochemical, oil and gas.

Cooling Tower Resources supplies FRP structural components, stainless steel hardware, cooling tower fans, gearboxes, lumber, piping and distribution etc. Located right outside of Houston, Texas in Baytown, our shop is right down the road from some of the biggest chemical plants in the area.

While we are known for our extensive selection of fiberglass material, thanks to our CNC technology we also fabricate and assemble a long list of made to order items daily. Customers choose CTR for fabrication of material and exclusive customization benefits. With the variety of our inventory and the quantity of our FRP we are sure to have whatever you need for a new or existing cooling tower.